Clean dishes without chemicals

Household chemicals captivated our house. We have no idea how to clean the toilet without sanfora wash dishes without fairy jars. But chemistry – it’s not just the convenience and comfort, it’s also a great harm to the health of …

It turns out that even the most stubborn dirt on the dishes can be washed with safe folk remedies is almost as easy and fast as using the widely advertised, expensive and not at all friendly household products.

Oh, those labels on the bottom!
Remove them – the whole confusion. And even when you gather, the glue is still … But with him you can handle.

Take the usual baby cream and an ordinary sponge for washing dishes. On a slightly damp sponge, apply baby lotion and begin to rub the label. The label is peeled off small pieces together with glue. The result – a totally clean the bottom.

How to clean the pan?
Very simple!
Potato cut in half and dip it in baking soda. Now this potato as a sponge, rub the pan or pot. Some effort is needed but the result is visible immediately. If you have to clean a large area – from time to time Freshen slice potatoes. Cleaning action has potato juice with soda. So that it is necessary to dip potato soda more often. The same way you can easily remove fat deposit from pans, bowls, ladle. Is also important that it is environmentally friendly cleaning.

How to clean the pan
With pots is such a nuisance as fat on the walls. To remove it, we have to pour a lot of detergent – the same chemistry … but pour it does not necessarily!
Remove the fat from the pan with the help of ordinary tea bags. Just swipe dry tea bag on the wall greasy pots and fat absorbed instantly. 3-5 sachets enough to clean even large saucepan. Then it is necessary to rinse the pan with warm water. For such cleaning will fit even the cheapest tea bags, buy a pack and let them always be at your fingertips.